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Our Famous NCEES/LSIT Exam Prep/Review Seminar to Help You Pass the Surveyors Exam!

(Last updated July 2, 2013)


Our seminars are produced to teach test-taking techniques for the NCEES/LSIT Exams (the National "Fundamentals Exam" and "Principles & Practices Exam".  The Hewlett Packard HP-35s calculator with the LSS Surveying Miracle Software was used for this seminar. This calculator does not provide for program cards or chips to be used with it nor does it allow for calculator-to-calculator or calculator-to-computer transfers. Each student registered for this seminar received an HP-35s calculator with proprietary LSS programs pre-programmed as part of their registration package on the first day the seminar.

These exams require special skills. The ability to perform basic surveying math quickly and efficiently. The ability to answer questions quickly and confidently. The ability to quickly read and understand questions stated in words as well as those stated with numbers. These techniques along with many others were taught in this intense three-day seminar.

Students were in attendance from Arizona, Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas. Some of their post-exam comments were as follows.

From Florida:

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I have passed all of the Surveying Exams. I could not have done it without the help of LSS. I took the class to review for the Florida Jurisdictional Essay and there is nowhere else to get the type of preparation one gets from Ted’s class."

From Florida:

"I wanted to let you know that I passed both sections of the Florida Surveyors exam. Without the seminar, there is no way I could have passed the exam. Thank you for all of your help."

From Florida:

"I wanted to let you know that I passed all of the portions of my PSM [surveying] Exam.  I want to thank you very much for your course.  The Florida Jurisdictional Reviews proved to be a fantastic (and invaluable) tool in preparation for the exam.  It certainly made me aware of what to expect on the exam, even though it was my first time taking the test. I have already recommended your course to several people who will be taking the exam in April and October of this year."

"My appreciation goes out to you and Ted for your work.  You made the exam (and the twelve LONG weeks of waiting for results) much easier to handle.  "

From Alabama:

"I could not have done this with out your help, you are doing a good thing for people."

From Mississippi:

"I got my results and I passed, man am I glad!!!"

From Georgia:

"Man!!!! It sure is nice becoming an LSIT after three stinking tries!!!!!!"

From New York:

"I passed both the FS and the PPS. I … highly recommend your seminar to any candidates in the future."

From Florida:

"I passed the Fundamentals Exam and the Principals & Practice Exam [the NCEES/LSIT national portion], but failed the State Specific portion.  I live in Florida, but took the exam in Tennessee, so I knew that part would be difficult for me.  Well at least now I can concentrate on the State portion only ... I really enjoyed the seminar and meeting everyone.  I wish you all the best luck."

From Texas:

"Well the class had 100% success rate in Texas as I passed the test as well. I hope to hear great news from the rest of the class as well. Thank you for all the support I received from the class and Ted."

From Texas:

"I just wanted to let you all know that I passed and I hope many of you did as well. I'd like to thank everyone for their support during/after the seminar, and especially thank Ted for the awesome calc. programs and test strategies--I wouldn't have passed without it."

From Texas:

"I took the entire time for both sessions. The calculator and exam-taking tips were very useful. (Thanks Ted!) In each of the sessions I had about 10 questions without answers and the statistical approach was much better than any other I would have implemented in the past. ... It definitely has been a huge bonus to me personally to have a group to share this experience with."

From Florida:

"I took the principles & practice exam along with the state specific on Friday. I felt really good about the P&P. I was surprised that I didn't even really need a calculator for that one. The state specific was more difficult, but manageable (although I live in Florida, I took the exam in Tennessee). The fundamentals was a different story. I found myself getting frustrated by the asinine questions during the morning session. ... I calmed down during lunch and re-focused for the afternoon session and felt much better (not about the questions, just my attitude)."

Another Texas comment:

"The seminar, the techniques, and especially the calculator gave me an edge that I would have be sunk without. The test-taking techniques are really valuable......at one point I drifted away from answering easy to hardest (in order) during the afternoon, and found myself wasting 10 minutes of time when there were easy "gifts" sitting there blank ... marking the answers in the book at first keeps your pattern-finding brain from falsely influencing your decisions based upon the dots on the scan-tron.

"Lastly, it took me the whole time period in both sessions, however, without the calculator, I really would have been in a mess. The triangle and curve programs were awesome and helped me chip away at the complex problems by breaking them down into smaller sub-problems. ... I know the seminar gave me 15-20 points on this test, and I hope everyone enjoyed the same benefits. Ted, thank you for what you do and for creating a "different (successful)" type of seminar."

From Georgia:

"This time I felt like I was in charge. They threw all they had at me and I left feeling confident. The Calculator was the big turning point for me. I used the heck out of it. I also found the Easy, Medium, Hard idea helped me. I found myself wanting to work the big problems, but I kept saying to myself "They are worth the same points as the easy ones!" So I never felt rushed at any point. Good Luck to everyone. I know we had an advantage over the other test takers."

From New York:

"I finished the 4 hour morning portion of the Principles and Practice in 41 minutes. I either blew it out or I failed miserably. ... I finished the afternoon in 1 hour and 15 minutes. On the FS I took the full 4 hours in the afternoon and probably gave back some points due to my own arrogance in the morning. I was trying to break the world speed record and forgot all about passing the test. I still think I passed though. The NY state specific I feel I have a good shot at also. I don't recommend anybody take the whole thing in one shot, by the second day you don't have your "A" game anymore. By the way Ted, I got a great deal of sage Life and Career advice ... regarding subjects like, giving back and working with others that were priceless. I am grateful for that."

From Arizona:

"I am feeling cautiously optimistic at this point ... I needed to study more astronomy. Next they'll be asking what the proper tension pull adjustment for an Egyptian rope stretcher is! I was not intimidated by the exam process this time at all (thanks Ted).

"I also found the calculator a huge help with curve programs, bearing to azimuth, I found the triangle program to be the greatest help of all. And was it just me, or did you all think the test seemed easier? (to those who have taken it before). I believe it was the seminar’s training and the ability to read at the speed of light, developed during the seminar, that gave me more confidence and time (thanks Ted)."

From Maine:

"I feel that I should of definitely studied harder on astronomy. I used the magnetic declination, traverse, inverse, triangle, horizontal curve, vertical curve, add subtract angles, and even the mortgage value in the HP 35s. I know I got nailed on some of the boundary questions as well."

Maybe you took the October, 2010, NCEES exam and ran out of time. Sure, if you had unlimited time you could easily pass these exams. The problem is that the same techniques that you use in your everyday work won't get you through these exams. Maybe you are planning to take the exam in April, 2011. Without our seminar and your computer from work to rely on to do the math, you'll be intimidated by the other examinees at the exam, and you won't have a strategy to take the exam (that’s right, you can actually use strategies to improve your chances of passing). Our seminar can point the way for you there too. We actually take you through an intense training program to make sure that you know how to do the work on the exam confidently and quickly.

You now have an important decision to make: Do you want to pass the exam in April or do you want to take it over and over? The choice is yours. We can put you in a small classroom full of people just like you who are also going to take the exam in April. They’ll bring their study guides and materials to help you learn how to answer questions that you may have about surveying issues that may be on the exam.

You'll learn to use your NCEES/Board approved calculator that we provide you as part of your tuition fee for the seminar along with the other books and materials we'll provide.

You’ll receive individual assistance from your instructor and study groups will be formed at night to tutor you through the problems you don’t understand. You’ll make friends and network with others to increase your confidence that you’re not alone. You’ll be in an environment that will require you to study – no work or family distractions.

One of the major advantages of the seminar is that it forces you to take time off to devote to study. Your at-work and after-work life probably now consumes all of your time. If you have a family as well as a boss, you aren’t spending the time necessary to prepare for the exam.

We take all major credit cards.   Our only requirement is that your tuition be paid in full before you sit for the seminar.

In this seminar you’ll spend three intense days learning to use you NCEES/Board approved calculator efficiently do the surveying math you’ll encounter on the exam as well as taking short exams we call "Windsprints" to build up your reading speed, reading comprehension and confidence. During the entire three days we will share exam-taking tips for you to use on the exams. This seminar is especially recommended for anyone taking any NCEES national exam ("Fundamentals" and/or "Principles and Practice").


The fee for the three-day "NCEES (LSIT) Exam Review & Exam Prep Seminar" is $895.00. If you attend one of our State Specific Seminars together with this seminar, the fee for attending both seminars is $1,295.00.

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