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"… I took a surveying course at Houston Community College and that class utilized your Mathematics of Land Surveying book. I learned so much from that book. I carried it where ever I went … That book was the most reliable source of information for performing my job … I mainly just wanted you to know how very important your hard work and research was to me, and that your book was so easy to follow and really captured my interest in staying in the surveying profession."

Madson: Mathematics of Land Surveying, 2d Ed. 1989. 

The clearest and most widely used statement of basic surveying mathematics in the world today, this book is a must for surveying training courses. Its been translated into many languages and is the major text for the LSS Examination Preparation Seminar. So, if you cant make it to the Seminar, you really need this text and item #430 the audio tape course.

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Madson: Mathematics of Land Surveying CD Course (CD & album only).

Don’t make your field personnel go it alone. Include this CD course in conjunction with item #432, the Mathematics of Land Surveying textbook, as an in-house tutorial. This informative CD tracks the text on a page-by-page basis.

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