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Madson: Boundary Disputes
(Formerly "The Ultimate Zero Sum Game")

  (Formerly "The Ultimate Zero Sum Game".) A lighthearted look at the serious problems involved with boundary disputes as well as possible solutions. After reading the many examples the property owner will understand that penny-pinching, when it comes to having a survey done, will cost him dearly in the long run. Get a couple for your office and your clients. They need to know that your good work is worth the money they pay.  

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Madson & Seemann: Fading Footsteps (Or, Retracement & the Land Surveyor).

  How the reasonable and prudent land surveyor can "Follow in the footsteps of the original surveyor." This beautiful 356 page book on surveying retracement methods introduces many practical, easy to use procedures and includes a special appendix containing extensive information on the recognition of trees.  

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