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Madson, Beardslee: Receivables Management for the Practicing Professional
(A Guide for Managing the Surveying Firms Accounts Receivable).

Your cash flow and your library will profit with the addition of this beautiful, hardbound text describing the most effective methods of billing and collections for your company. This guide helps you define your accounts receivable problems, simplify your record keeping, and finally begin to enjoy and control this important aspect of your business.

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Madson and Munro: Understanding
Your Professional Liability as a Land Surveyor.

Inexpensive legal advice for the surveyor and a reference guide for the attorney dealing with surveying cases. This handsome hardbound volume presents a review of all published judicial opinions on surveyor’s liability. Vital for the classroom and office, this 608 page resource also aids real estate and title insurance companies.

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Madson & Munro: Land Surveyors:
Professional Liabilities and Mechanics Liens, 2d Ed.

Volumes I and II. A current edition of the classic text for your library. Volume I discusses problem areas including: Surveyor’s contacts,, negligence, right of entry, and trespass. Volume II presents over 200 cases from all 50 states, in their entirety, explaining lawsuits involving surveyors charged with breach of contract or negligence as well as claims by surveyors for mechanic’s liens. Plan your strategy by knowing case precedent!

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Beardslee & Madson:
Beyond the Traverse Point
(A Guide for Managing Your Land Surveying Business).

  This 224 page, hard-hitting book deals with management aspects involved in actually managing a land survey business. Eliminate hassles. Improve your cash flow. The methods discussed here have already transformed the businesses of numerous successful surveyors. You can be next!  

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