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Utica, New York Exam Prep Seminar CANCELLED!
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March 2018 Exam Prep Seminar in Kissimmee Florida

Ultimately, our preparation seminars are crucial to the continued success for aspiring candidates. The NCEES website shows that from July-December, 2016, without taking our seminars into consideration, 287 first time takers took the FS aka. SIT exam and 46% of them failed. Perhaps more alarming is that 179 repeat takers in that same time period took the exam, resulting in a 75% failure rate.“ For the PS Exam, from October- December, 2016, only 60% of the first-time examinees passed the PS Exam.

Many of the students who attend our seminars have taken the exams multiple times, some as many as five times, and failed each time before coming to us,” expressed owner and founder of LSS Seminars Ted Madson. He continued, saying “It never ceases to amaze me how many of them take our seminars are promptly pass the exam.”

We provide candidates with several handy materials upon enrolling in our seminars. The FS aka. SIT examination prep includes the HP35s calculator pre-programmed with the LSS Miracle Software, ver 2.7.B., the Mathematics of Land Surveying textbook, and The Elementary Questions on Real Property Boundary Law textbook. Meanwhile, the Professional Exam includes the above items, plus Elementary Surveying Law as an MP3/CD study course.

Comments from some of our recent PS Exam Prep Seminar students of October, 2016

Orlando PS Class

John Ramsey, South Carolina: I feel that the opportunity to be in a small classroom setting with my peers striving for the same accomplishment is invaluable. The feedback from my classmates on what they have seen in their previous tests is very important. The programs in the HP 35s were very instrumental in the math review. Finally, the special thing about this course is the law/procedures portion which are a heavy portion of the test. The reason I know that is because I have discussed it with people in this class who had previously taken the exam.

Vanessa Torres, Louisiana: The LSS FS Seminar course helped me tremendously in the past. I took that Seminar six years ago and passed the test right away. I haven’t had the same luck with the PS exam which is why I decided to take the PS Exam Prep Seminar with Ted. I feel more confident going to the test now and hopefully I will pass without a problem.

Jasper Masciocchi, Florida: After taking the PS Exam Prep Seminar with Ted Madson I feel I am prepared to PASS the exam. The most useful information thus far has been the extensive use of the HP calculator and the programs he has provided. Mr. Madson has an extensive knowledge of surveying and law. I really enjoyed the intimate class setting and the opportunity to pick his brain. I recommend that surveyors-in-training or recent graduates ready to sit for the exam complete the course with Ted Madson.

Adam Sholly, New York: Ted’s course is an amazing exam prep course, full of very significant and extremely relevant topics. Ted’s experiences and knowledge has prepared me and has motivated me to want to learn more and be a better surveyor and to better the profession. I personally walked away excited and prepared for my exams. I feel that this exam prep course is outstanding and is highly recommended for pursuing your professional license. I’m grateful for Ted’s experiences, intelligence and for his time, also for the books he has written and for the calculator programs that we were provided with the course.

Josh O’Ferrell, Alabama: This class was helpful to me. Understanding the HP 35s and all its programs has given me reassurance that I can find a solution without wasting time on long-hand formulas. This will allow me more time to give logical consideration to the questions of boundary procedures, ethics, and legal terms. My advice would be more advertisement to find surveyors that are preparing to sit for the PLS and give them the same boost of confidence that I have gained.

Joshua Soileau, Louisiana: Ted’s PS Exam Prep Seminar was very helpful to me in understanding the HP 35s calculator and allowed attendees to share information and study techniques. I think that this seminar adequately prepared me for the PS Exam.