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Please be aware the following test links are for members of the American Surveyors and Mappers Council.

If you are not a member of the council you may take the test(s), but your grade will not be reported until your test(s)are paid for.

Florida MTS

Adverse Possession

Common Law Dedications


Contract Law

Deed Interpretation

Eminent Domain

Equitable Estoppel

Extinguish. of Easements

Florida Laws #0003789

Florida Laws T09 #0007602

Florida SOP

Georgia MTS

Georgia Surveying Laws

Implied Easements

Legal Defenses Prof.

Legal Descriptions

Legal Forms

Limitations of Liability

Mechanic's Lien Law

Monument Requirements

Negligence Law

Parol Agreement

Patents, Grants & Fences

Prescriptive Easements

Property Line Agreements

Recog. & Acquiescence

Recordation of Documents

Rectan. PLSS Land System

Surveying Ethics

Surveyor Limitations

Surveyors Right of Entry

Water Law Boundaries

Written Easements & R/W

Written Title Transfers

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